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Who Designed Power Source One?

For years consumers had to rely on commercial “one-a-day” supplements that provide extremely low potencies and actually deliver no benefits. After 20 years of medical hands on experience, observations, researching and exploring nutritional supplement extensive medical research and studies and observing what actually works and what doesn’t, Dr. Calin V. Pop, MD, an integrative physician, designed, fine-tuned and refined Power Source One high impact supplements over the last 10 years. Power Source One line of supplements is doctor formulated and medical science based. This means that it can deliver results in exponentially higher proportion than washed-down supplements, resulting in faster healing time and improved well-being for the consumer.

The company founder is Dr. Calin V. Pop, MD.

Power Source One stands for freedom, courage, integrity and inspiration.

There are many misconceptions related to vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We stand strongly AGAINST the lies, misinformation and partial truths out there in the media that are designed to purposefully confuse the public.We want to reveal the shortcomings of the flaky science that permeates this subject and the inferior but much-hyped supplement products available on the market.

Dr. Pop, MD is an expert in nutritional supplements with 20 years of hands on experience in nutritional science and treating difficult medical conditions. He was was born in Transylvania, Romania and immigrated to the US, 25 years ago, with literally two dollars in his pockets.

He had his medical training in Internal Medicine in New York and Connecticut is presently licensed to practice and lives in the State of Florida. He is the founder and president of Unique Health Solutions, a medical center combining traditional medicine with the most cutting edge alternative, complementary and self-improvement techniques. He has successfully treated thousands of individuals over the last 15 years, many of whom could not be treated by any other doctor. Learn more about Dr. Pop here.

 Power source one Creator Dr. Calin Pop