Vitamins, Supplements and Fish Oil In The Media


As usual, at periods of a few months expect negative articles in the media about supplements! Have you ever wondered why?


The campaigns are intentionally designed to confuse the public as related to supplements being in competition with pharmaceuticals. They know that “a confused mind does not buy!”

The way they design these biased “studies” is that they only use inferior, junk forms of fish oil, vitamin E , C or other supplements. These are supplement forms that they know from the start will not show results.

Use highest potencies of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and you will have great results despite what the media wants you to believe.

Stay supplemented. Have a great weekend


Benefits of Bee Pollen in Power Source One

Power Source One – Bee pollen is one of those great nature supplements.

benefits bee pollen vitamins

Bee pollen is important because contains all the essential components of life. Bee pollen corrects the deficient or unbalanced nutrition, common in the customs of our present-day civilization of consuming incomplete foods, often with added chemical ingredients, which expose us to physiological problems as various as they are numerous.

Pollen is considered an energy and nutritive tonic in Chinese medicine. Cultures throughout the world use it in a surprising number of applications: for improving endurance and vitality, extending longevity, aiding recovery from chronic illness, adding weight during convalescence, reducing cravings and addictions, regulating the intestines, building new blood, preventing infectious diseases such as the cold and flu (it has antibiotic type properties), and helping overcome retardation and other developmental problems in children. It is thought to protect against radiation and to have anti-cancer qualities.

It is great to have this ingredient in the PSO formula. Most supplements ignore bee pollen.