Power Source One

Anti Aging Vitamin & Supplement

Power Source One (PSO) is the one daily vitamin you need because for the first time it solves the three major problems the supplement industry has for decades:

1. One size fits all
2. Efficacy
3. Cost

Not only PSO was designed for all adults, young or old, athletic or intelligent but taking PSO is like taking 23 separate bottles of supplements all in one single bottle and delivering over $400 in value at a fraction of that cost. The best part is that PSO was designed from the start for medical strength efficacy.

PSO is the most powerful high-end nutritional supplement available at this time because it has the highest level of vitamins and anti-oxidants that could be packed in a daily dose. PSO was designed over many years by an experienced Medical Doctor in such a way as to have great therapeutic benefits. That means that people feel better, they really feel something after a short time of taking them often in days… this is a great opposite to the commercial one-a-day vitamins. The medical benefits of high dose ingredients were shown in medical studies to be delivered at doses that are very close to ingredient doses in Power Source One. PSO was specially designed to have efficacy, to have an impact in how we feel, to have a real benefit and not to be washed down diluted like many one-a-day supplements.

The formulation team of PSO has studied the dose effect of vitamins on different medical conditions and concluded that there are many individuals that need much higher amounts of supplements due to very common genetic impairments that are present in each and every one of us. Due to the high number of impairments possible, it is highly likely that each of us may have one or more of these genetic ‘quirks”. These defects make us actually require much higher doses of a specific ingredient; if we do not get those higher doses then this unfulfilled requirement becomes like a metabolic “bottleneck” that holds everything else back. The “bottleneck” is different for each of us, however the high doses of ingredients in PSO can fill any higher need that may occur, so everything falls in place perfectly.

Power Source One contains many ingredients or combination of ingredients that are not available in ordinary multivitamin supplements like resveratrol, CoQ10, methyl B12, R lipoic acid, ginseng and green tea extract.

Most high-dose multiple daily vitamin supplements on the market are vitamins and minerals only. They do not include high amounts of stress adaptogens, amino acids, herbal modulators – ours does so that the building blocks are covered. They do not add high amounts of glutathione precursors and mitochondrial help like CoQ10, so that the energy is flowing well – ours does. They do not have hormone balancers – breast and prostate problem preventors -ours does, they do not add high amounts of adrenal and fatigue support enough to make a difference – ours does – and do not have highest levels of special energy and highest levels of anti-aging ingredients like ours – and the list can go on and on!

Just one example: The vitamin B12 – included in PSO is in the form of methyl cobalamin – the most expensive kind – the kind that crosses into the brain and that is many times more active than the regular vitamin B12. Methyl cobalamin has Alzheimer prevention properties, memory and brain protection properties and delivers methyl factors – excellent for immune enhancement and cardiovascular protection.

The ingredient combination was also carefully designed to prevent cardiovascular problems, kidney stones, memory loss, fatigue, etc. In other words a plethora of medical conditions were carefully scrutinized and analyzed for the right amount of nutrients necessary, and as a result the ingredient list was modified, optimized and quantities were boosted to adequately cover all the necessary ingredients to at least partially protect against those medical conditions.