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Unique Features of PSO

  • It is medical doctor designed and formulated
  • Power Source One is PATENT PENDING in the USA
  • It is based on extensive medical research
  • The strength is much better than “Optimum”- it is in the “Power Zone”
  • The secret is in the ingredient balance and strength
  • It is a high end signature/designer supplement
  • It is an exclusive professional formula
  • It has medical strength, high impact
  • It is designed based on a NEW multiple genetic variability theory
  • It is tried on patients for years with great feedback
  • Contains no fillers or additives
  • It is manufactured in the USA under GMP standards of manufacturing
  • It has high tolerability, low side effect profile
  • Generally PSO has no contraindications
  • It has great, impressive testimonials
  • It is the best you can find anywhere
  • It is “The Ferrari” of supplements
  • It is impossible to find outside USA
  • Black Label Signature Luxury Version Available